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FGHTR Fight Ball

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If you like boxing, muay thai, MMA or any martial arts and you want to get better, then this reflex ball is 100% made for you!

The FGHTR Fight Ball is a must-have if you want to improve hand-eye coordination as well as your reaction time, becoming a better fighter overall. Thanks to its numerous benefits, the reflex ball is used by some of the best boxers and fighters in the world!


  • IMPROVE YOUR REACTION TIME AND SPEED - By using a reflex ball, you will have a much better hand-eye coordination and so, improve your reaction time, fast!
  • BETTER PUNCHING ACCURACY AND REFLEX - Your punches will become more precise, accurate and clean as you will hit a small target.
  • UPGRADE YOUR DEFENSE SKILLS - You will have to dodge and move around to hit the ball back, and also, you will naturally improve your balance and footwork.
  • NO NEED TO BE A PRO BOXER: It is made for everyone, whether you are experienced in boxing or not! 
  • TRAIN ANYWHERE: You can practice at home, in the office, at the park, or in the gym, anytime and anywhere. It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to take even when you travel. 
  • BURN CALORIES & FUN WORKOUT: As you have to move around, punch, dodge and stay focused, it is perfect for calorie burning and conditioning. All of that while having fun!
  • INCREASE FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION: Thanks to the speed of the ball and the coordination needed with your punches, the fight ball also has great benefits on your focus and concentration.


  • 1* Reflex Ball FGHTR Fight ball
  • FREE Reflex Ball Mastering PDF Guide ($29 value) 
Reflex Ball
In the guide "How to master your Fight Ball" you will learn:
  • How to set up your reflex ball (Ideal length, shoulder positions and more.)
  • Starting out with the fight ball (How to hit the ball properly, first drills)
  • Advanced training drills
  • Improve your boxing stance and shadow boxing with the reflex ball
We specifically designed the FGHTR Fight Ball to be much lighter and softer than the regular tennis reflex ball, so it is comfortable glove-free, and everyone can enjoy it without any worries about hitting yourself in the faces, eyes, and nose. As well, it's much safer!
We recommend starting out with short sessions and following your free PDF guide sent to you by e-mail after your purchase. On average, you will start seeing the first benefits after a few days of use. 

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Reflex Ball
FGHTR Fight Ball
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