Double End Ball
FGHTR Quickbox

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If you are a fighter who pushes himself and always wants to get better, then you'll 100% love the FGHTR Quickbox.

The FGHTR Quickbox is a must-have if you want to improve your hand speed as well as developing your punching accuracy and much more... Thanks to its numerous benefits, the FGHTR Quickbox is used by some of the best boxers and fighters the world and is a great substitute to the classic double end bag!

You will get numerous benefits from using the Quickbox, such as:

  • Improve your hand-eye coordination and head movements
  • Great for developing your timing
  • Improve your reaction speed 
  • Train your hand speed
  • Better punching accuracy


  • The powerful suction of the vacuum cup allows you to punch freely.
  • Very easy to install and portable
  • The cord tension can be adjusted for a novice or advanced fighters.
  • Quickbox's ball is soft, very durable and designed for frequent use.
  • On a smooth surface, the suction is up to 10.5kg, so you can use your Quickbox without worrying about it falling down from the roof.

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Double End Ball
FGHTR Quickbox
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