Leg Stretcher
FGHTR Stretching Tool

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Ready to improve your legs’ flexibility, all while reducing the risk of injuries?
If so, consider the Leg Stretcher, your secret weapon for improving flexibility FAST… without the risk of strains and injuries!

If you want to become more flexible for martial arts, dance, yoga, fitness or any other sports, then the leg stretcher is 100% made for you.

Become more flexible today

  • Stretching made easy, stretch slowly and steadily without experiencing leg pains or muscle strains.
  • Develops flexibility and balance faster than with traditional stretching!
  • Perfect for martial arts, gymnastics, yoga, dance, fitness, running and any other sports.

  • A must-have for every sport!

    Order yours today and improve your legs’ flexibility, strength, and athleticism!
  • Adjustable up to 180 degrees to accommodate every level of flexibility and any size
  • Easy to use and ergonomic – soft rubber foam pads provide great comfort for hands and legs
  • Easy to store and travel with – can easily be brought to any gym or studio


      • Split Leg Extension Machine
      • Tied Rope
      • Replaceable Foam Handle
      • Shortest Length: 55.5cm/21.8 inches
      • Longest Length: 100cm/39.3 inche

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    Leg Stretcher
    FGHTR Stretching Tool
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