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Help promote and spread the word about FGHTR with friends, family, followers and get 25% commission CASH on every sale! 

  • Earn 15% commission on every purchase made using your personalised link or discount code
  • Get a personalised link and a discount code of 10% that you can share on your social media accounts or with your friends.
  • 30 days tracking with cookies. Meaning that you will receive a commission if a person clicks on your link and make a purchase on our website within the next 30 days.
  • Weekly payment via Paypal or direct transfer
  • Access to a personalised affiliate dashboard to monitor your earnings

What revenues to expect from joining our affiliate program?

Based on previous experience working with influencers you can expect to generate between 5 to 8 sales per 1,000 followers per month. This equal to around $30 - $80 cash for you per thousand follower per month.

Also, if you put extra effort to create and share content on our products, affiliate revenues can quickly rise. We have had an affiliate generating over $2,000 in affiliate revenues from a YouTube video that went viral.

* This is important to note that these numbers are estimates only and may not reflect what you will gain from joining our affiliate program.

How Does It Works?

  1. Click on the sign-up button below and complete the Affiliation form, it's free and takes 30 seconds!
  2. After sign up you will get a welcome email with a link to your dashboard. Your dashboard is where you can find your unique tracking link to our site fghtr.store and a unique customer coupon code.
  3. Your unique tracking link and unique coupon code is how we track the sales you bring us. You will get credit for any customers that visit our site through this link and purchase our products or use your unique coupon code when making a purchase.
  4. Login to your dashboard at any time to view your sales and upcoming commissions.
  5. We pay you cash right to your Paypal or bank account every Friday.

Best ways to earn revenue with our affiliate program:

  • Share your personalised link and discount code in social media
  • Download and share our advertising video on social media, with a link in your bio (video to download here)
  • Create and share pictures or video of the product 
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