TOP 3 Best At-Home Training Tools For Punching Accuracy

TOP 3 Best At-Home Training Tools For Punching Accuracy

Whether you are training muay thai, kickboxing, boxing or mixed martial arts, your punching accuracy is one of the most important skills you need to develop in order to become a good fighter.

To train your punching accuracy, you have multiple training methods and routines. But most of them are practiced in your training gym. The problem is, there is a lot of factors which can lead us to not being able to go to the gym at its schedule. So, having some additional tools and equipment at-home will help you have better results!

Precision and punching accuracy are skills that your practice by training and practicing over and over again on sparring, heavy bags, and shadowboxing. But having one of these training tools and practicing on a daily basis will help you have quicker, better results.

So, here are the 3 Best at-home tools for punching accuracy.

#3 - A simple but effective, tennis ball.

This might sound stupid, but you read it right, a tennis ball is one of the best training tools for your punching accuracy in boxing. With this simple but effective training tool, you will be able to practice drills that will help you have better timing, hand-eye coordination, and punching accuracy.

And, well, it is very cheap!

Those drills can be practiced alone or with a partner for a better variety of exercises and more fun. It included the following:

  • Hold the ball in the rear hand
  • Bounce the ball
  • Catch with jab hand

Shane Fazen from Fight tips & Coach PJ made 2 great videos about the subject with great tips and drills to practice at home.

#2 - A Reflex Ball

Almost as simple as a tennis ball, this training tool can REALLY help you improve a lot of parts of your boxing skills and has a lot of benefits such as:

  • Improve your hand-eye coordination
  • Train your punching accuracy & reflex
  • Help you train your balance & footwork 
  • Great for cardio and arm stamina
  • Very fun, safe and perfect for at-home workouts

This simple training tool is used by some of the best fighters and boxers in the world such as Vasyl Lomachenko for example. Its benefits has been proven over the years and it’s probably one of the best training tools if you want to train boxing anytime, anywhere.


If you want to improve your boxing and take advantage of all of these benefits, you can get your FGHTR Fight Ball which also includes a PDF guide to help your getting started and getting the most out of it!

#1 A Quickbox - Double-end ball.

Double-end bags have been used for used by every boxer and is the BEST training tool you can get to improve your punching accuracy.

But, as we all know, it takes a lot of space and is not suitable for apartments or houses as it takes some space & screws.

This is why the QuickBox is a MUST-HAVE for you! You will be able to train at home with the same, and even more benefits than the classic double end bags.

You will get numerous benefits from using the Quickbox, such as:

  • Improve your hand-eye coordination and head movements
  • Great for developing your timing
  • Improve your reaction speed 
  • Train your hand speed
  • Better punching accuracy

With a classic double end bag, you would normally need a lot of space, screws on your roof and ground. But with this, you only need any space at home and simply fix it with the vacuum cups included.

  • The powerful suction of the vacuum cup allows you to punch freely.
  • Very easy to install and portable
  • The cord tension can be adjusted for a novice or advanced fighters.

So if you want to get all of those benefits, you should get your own FGHTR Quickbox now.


At-home workouts are a great addition to your training sessions at your gym. And having some training tools to supplement those sessions can really help you have better, quicker results! 

All of those benefits can make a great difference in your boxing, kickboxing, MMA or muay thai game!

In this article, we covered the best at-home training tools you can use for your punching accuracy.

If you are interested in a Reflex Ball or the FGHTR Quickbox you can check out our training tools collection.

Also, to avoid injuries and become a better fighter, flexibility is a skill you must train on a daily basis. To do so, having a leg stretcher will help you become more flexible.

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