Top 8 Best Muay Thai Training Benefits

Top 8 Best Muay Thai Training Benefits

As people like to stay sit-in their couch, you, the reals FGHTR's are always looking for a new way to push your limits even further and muay thai training probably crossed your mind.

The main issue with typical activities most people practice such as Sunday joggings, home workouts, or maybe going to the gym is that it gets boring very fast.

Those who decide to go for intensive martial art like Muay Thai have much better chances of sticking to their workout plan and goals.

Muay Thai is a complex martial art that utilizes eight limbs as weapons, leading to an infinite number of techniques for you to learn and an insane amount of benefits you'll get from training muay thai.

Top 8 Best Muay Thai Training Benefits.

#1 Stress relief and reduce anxiety

Most people accumulate a fair amount of stress during the day. Having an outlet for that stress feels fantastic and can work wonders for your mental and physical health.

Let's face it when you're angry at work or stressed about upcoming bills, hitting something just feels good. Due to the fast-paced nature of the sport, you can’t trouble yourself with worry while training.

You’ll get hit in the face or train the drill you're working on. Practicing a combat sport allows you to focus on yourself and nothing else. We believe doing something such as muay thai regularly that detaches you from the daily routine helps you become a happier and more carefree individual.

#2 Weight loss

Training muay thai is a fantastic way to lose weight fast, I mean, really fast! It's common knowledge that muay thai fighters are doing some insane weight cuts with very sharp physiques and this is why.

This is one of the most complete sport you can find, you'll work each muscle of your body. Muay thai require strength, explosiveness, endurance, and power. This makes a Muay Thai training session very efficient and will make you burn tons of calories.

On top of the calories you're burning while working out, you'll benefit from the afterburn effect (learn more here) and so, lose more fat as it requires a lot of strength and muscle activity.

When I started doing Muay Thai I lost weight very quickly! I was about 195lb and I had a health goal to get to 165 by that time next year. I lost that 30 pounds in the first 2-3 months of Muay Thai! It is definitely more intense and a more full-body workout compared to running. 


More than just losing weight, you'll mainly lose more fat and quicker than usual strength or endurance training.

We did the experiment on a 56kg muay thai fighter to see which sport between running, boxing and muay thai burns the most calories.

Of course, it will a lot on the intensity of the workout, the weight of the person (the heavier you are, the more calories you'll burn) but those are the results we found.


Running: 472 calories per hour (9 km/h)

Boxing: 588 calories in an hour session

Muay Thai: 783 calories in an hour session

On the top of these on-training calories burned, you'll burn even more calories thanks to the afterburn effect we talked about earlier.

#3 Self-confidence

In our modern world where risk and criticism are everywhere, self-confidence is getting more and more important.

As we mentioned on our Fight Like A Girl Collection, women are always underestimated can really hurt your self-esteem and confidence. Muay thai will change that and make yourself a more confident, disciplined and accomplished person!

Most people get intimidated and scared once they hear the word Muay-Thai and thus never even try it. But the ones adventurous enough to try it and stick to it bring a new level of accomplishment to their life. Not everyone can handle the intense training so doing it really makes you a badass and a real FGHTR!

Outside of that, Muay-Thai also teaches you a lot of important self-defense skills. If escaping a fight is not possible than having Muay-Thai experience will give you a massive advantage. Knowing how to use your deadly elbows and knees might save your life at some point!

#4 Opportunity to socialize and meet new people

In our modern and busy life, we are getting more and more used to live in our own term and it's getting less common to go out there and meet new people and socialize with them.

Signing up in a Muay Thai gym gives you an excellent opportunity to meet new people from different walks of life. Our circle of friends tends to shrink as we grow older and pick up more responsibilities.

Signing up for a Muay Thai class can be an excellent way to make new friends who you can enjoy other activities outside the gym besides training Muay Thai with.

Your shared interest in the art of eight limbs will serve as common-ground you can use to build relationships with others at your Muay Thai gym.

In a muay thai gym or camp, you will join a family! The words might sound very heavy but that's true. While training there is no lie, no excuse and wherever people are from or whatever they are doing in their life, you'll see the true personality of people and will lead to an amazing experience.


#5 Improves your balance

Balance is one of the key parts of being a good muay thai fighter. Anything that requires you to stand on one leg (or arm) will improve your balance. And muay thai will definitely improve it a lot. 

Standing strong and still on your legs can be challenging at first, especially when just starting out, so standing strong and having great power on ONE leg might sounds impossible.

But you'll surely get it, muay thai is a great mix between strength and balance, without balance and the power you have won't be effective and without strength, balance is useless.

 #6 Cardiovascular Conditioning 

The cardio is no joke. When I am getting ready for a fight (in Thailand), my training would make me do 500 kicks and knees against a bag before the lesson even begin.

“Muay thai athletes end up conditioning not just their muscles, but their entire central nervous system and cardiovascular system,”

And as the weight loss, it happens FAST. From staying almost full time in a muay thai gym in Thailand for long, I have seen a lot of INSANE results very quick. From the 150kg dude not able to throw 2 kicks in a row and doing series of 50 kicks 10 days later (true story) to the skinny guy smoking every day and quit smoking 3 days later.

In my experience, after fighting for several years and training multiple sports, muay thai is one of the best cardio conditioning sport you can find.

 #7  Better Hip Mobily Movement And Flexibility

One often overlooked the benefit of training Muay Thai that can help you later in life is an increase in hip mobility and flexibility. Studies have shown that people who don’t participate in sports or exercise regularly will have a high chance of developing serious pain or medical conditions later in life.

The kicking and kneeing movements and the rotation of these muscles will increase the mobility of your hips and will save you from a load of pain in the future.  As with all martial arts, in order to not become injured, a strong post-workout routine revolving around stretching is key to staying healthy.

Also, the kicking movements require a lot of flexibility and stretch. As strength and as everything in life, it will come with time and training.

To improve your flexibility and have a better stretch, using a leg stretcher will help you to have quicker and better results.

Final words

After releasing our muay thai hoodies, we had a lot of questions regarding muay thai training and its benefits. Muay Thai as a competitive sport is thrilling, exciting, but also violent.

Also, using a reflex ball might help you get started on the right path and get your body used to the mechanics and movements of muay thai.

As more people become acquainted with the sport, more people will realize the huge fitness benefits that come with training Muay Thai as a fitness activity. After all, not everyone who trains Muay Thai has to fight.

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    Amazing article! I just started training muay thai and you gave me answers on why I should keep going and not giving up muay thai training.

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