5 Reasons Why Women Should Start Training Muay Thai

5 Reasons Why Women Should Start Training Muay Thai

Ladies, have you ever considered starting training Muay Thai? You may have already heard about this famous form of martial arts from the likes of Ryan Gosling, Demi Lovato, and Kevin James who have been doing Thai Boxing for years. 

It has been around for hundreds of years. It was developed as a close-combat form of martial art that utilizes the whole body in fighting an opponent. While the true origin of Muay Thai remains a highly debated topic amongst historians, this form of martial art continues to gain recognition in various countries, even those situated outside Asia. 

The popularity of Muay Thai

One of the top reasons why Muay Thai has gained so much popularity and recognition across the globe is the crazy number of people coming to Thailand each year. 

Last 2017 alone, more than 35 million tourists from various countries came to Thailand for vacation. The number is projected to increase in the future thanks to the affordable accommodation options and travel costs in this beautiful tropical country.  

Apart from the breathtaking Thai beaches, tourists fly here to learn about Muay Thai - the country’s national sport. While plenty of international gyms already offer both basic and advanced Thai boxing programs, nothing can really come close to the training provided by the locals. 

Foreign Muay Thai enthusiasts mostly stay in gyms like the Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket and Kombat Group in Muang Pattaya to train. Some even extend their stay to learn advanced Muay Thai techniques.  

Why Muay Thai training is good for women

Lots of people, most specifically women feel compelled to learn Muay Thai for various reasons. Most women undergo Thai Boxing training to achieve their weight loss goals. Some train for self-defense purposes. Others do it to compete in a female Muay Thai fight. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 reasons why you should train in Muay Thai too!  

Muay Thai - an excellent addition to your fitness routine

If you’re looking for an awesome, fun and hardcore workout, Muay Thai is definitely the best option for you. It’s unlike any martial art because of the intense combat-like techniques used. 

It requires immense physical training and mental concentration. During a typical match, you need to quickly anticipate how your opponent will attack.

Also, it stimulates almost every muscle in the body. Shape.com describes Muay Thai as the perfect combination of strength, endurance and cardio training. 

Here are the specific aspects of your health that can be improved by Thai Boxing:

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Leg strength  
  • Emotional stability 
  • Core strength  
  • Physique 
  • Mental discipline  

Aside from the aspects enumerated above Thai Boxing training can also help you maintain optimal weight. Combined with a balanced diet, it can also help trim off unwanted fat accumulated around your belly, thighs, face, legs and face.   

Learn Thai Boxing for self-defense

Millions of women suffer abuse from their partners, family members, colleagues and even strangers. The latest statistics of the UN Women reveals that a staggering 35 percent of women all around the world have experienced some form of violence. That’s a crazy high number!  

The best and the most effective way to protect yourself from abuse and maltreatment is to learn self-defence techniques. This is where Thai Boxing comes in. While it’s definitely not easy to become a pro in this form of martial arts, knowing some basic Muay Thai techniques can discourage potential aggressors. 

You can use stand-up fighting tactics to take control of the situation. You can also make use of push kicks or knee strikes to disable anyone who tries to harm you. 

Muay Thai for the adrenaline junkie 

Aside from keeping you fit and safe from harm, Thai Boxing also gives you all the adrenaline rush that you need. If you’re a #ladyboss who doesn’t back out from a challenge, Muay Thai is a great sport that you can participate in on a regular basis.

There are plenty of gyms that offer basic and advanced training. Also, you can compete in local Muay Thai matches. You can check out updates on possible matches via organizations like the USA Muay Thai Federation and US Muay Thai Open.

A kickass challenge for yourself 

Once you get a taste of what Thai Boxing has to offer, you will end up wanting more. This sport will certainly motivate you to seek more opportunities to improve. If you want to keep up with other aspiring female Muay Thai athletes, you must continue your training. 

For women who wish to fight in a Thai boxing match, you need to learn everything you can about your opponent. Then, you should reassess your current skills to determine possible points for improvement. The learning never stops as long as you’re passionate about Muay Thai and you’re willing to go beyond your limits.  

An effective way to release stress

Women deal with stress on a daily basis no thanks to the overwhelming responsibilities they face in their personal and professional life. Some of the common stressors of women include office tasks, household chores, bills, and mortgage payments. 

Fortunately, there are a plethora of ways a woman can get rid of stress. One of which is through engaging in vigorous workout routines such as those used in Thai Boxing. 

Exercise has been proven effective in releasing hormones referred to as endorphins. These natural chemicals produced by the body allows you to feel relaxed and relieved when you’re feeling stressed out.

Learn more about Thai Boxing 

After releasing our muay thai apparel, we had a lot of questions regarding beginning muay thai training for women. 

Whether you’re into Muay Thai, fitness, weight loss or adrenaline rush, learning how to do Thai boxing is definitely worth it. Starting early will help you significantly boost your competitive edge especially if you want to become a professional athlete. It will also help you defend yourself if you ever get caught in a difficult situation. 

When start training muay thai, you want to be sure to stretch well and the right way to optimize your results. Using a leg stretcher will help you to do so.

You can try enrolling in a gym that specializes in Thai Boxing or you can go on an adventure and learn from the brilliant trainers in Thailand. 

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