6 Fundamentals For A Muay Thai Career

6 Fundamentals For A Muay Thai Career

Becoming a champion cannot be improvised. When you have chosen to lead a pro career in the muay thai, 6 basic principles should govern your daily life and their importance is crucial. They are just as valid for beginners as for the great nakmuays who, for many, followed these precepts. Relations with your club and your Coach, Managing Victories and Losses, Objectives and Passion: 6 fundamentals for your muay thai career

#1 The gym/camp, your second family

The relationship you have with your club is essential. If you are alone in the ring, it is the colors of the gym you wear and represent.

Feeling good in your club, sharing your values, supporting other fighters and having fun going to training is necessary. The more you develop by being with other practitioners both in and out of training, the more fun you will have in the ring and the more motivation you will have that goes beyond your personal goals.

During the fights and in difficult moments it is with these people and their families that we find the motivation or strength to change the outcome of the fight, to go to training or to support a nakmuay of the club

The choice of club is, therefore, a very important aspect for anyone who wishes to become a fighter.

#2 You and Your Coach: A Unique Relationship

This is the most important relationship you will have in your career with another muay actor. Without going into technical and learning considerations, you must have full respect for the person who teaches you the practice of muay. You have to believe in your advice without question. He must clearly be your mentor

This respect must not be strong, it must come naturally from you for a reason that is specific to you. For some, it is because their coach has been a legend of the muay but for others it may be for extra-sporting reasons or simply because you share the same values as him and he has a much longer experience than you

The reason for this respect does not matter, what is important is what it causes: you will constantly surpass yourself out of respect for your coach to whom you do not want to appear demotivated or without talent. During the fights you will want to give everything and avoid defeat at all costs: it is harder to lose in front of people you respect than to win, so you do your best not to go through this.

#3 Training over and over again

Never miss a single training session. It must become as natural as any other of your daily facts. Don't make false excuses for not going. If this happens it is because either the club and/or the muay do not suit you

In addition to being late, the lack of training makes you feel guilty. If fighters like Boughanem, Pinca, Buakaw, Saenchai, etc. continue to train there is a reason

Progress requires constant attendance. Never a champion drops his training, it is one of the bases of all professionals. You can have all the talent in the world you can't do it without training, for a very simple statistical reason: All champions who already have talent train hard, so for the same talent they will be stronger than you no matter what you do

#4 Have short and long term objectives

Making a career without a goal in the short to medium term is like building a house without a plan. We don't know how to start, we don't know how to progress or in which directions to start

Whatever your level, it is essential to define a long-term objective with your trainer and to divide it into medium and short-term objectives that will set the pace for your training and your choice of opponents

For example, if your objective is to do your first fight in a year, your "sub-objectives" could be: travel management, technical management, cardio management, etc.

All this with well-defined dates and milestones. This will give you a global vision of your objectives but with levels. When you go to training you will know very clearly why and what you are going to do there, it changes the whole perception you will have about your career.

It also makes it possible to take each fight or training as a step and not as an end in itself. This is important for the management of your victories and defeats, which you will now see as key moments in your progress

#5 The management of victories and defeats

In any case, it is important to keep your feet on the ground. The greatest fighters of today have all experienced a series of victories AND defeats. At this moment some people are right in the middle of these "peaks" The wind can quickly turn in combat sports, it is necessary to remain humble but to have self-confidence

Nakmuays like Pinca, Saenchai, Kem, Buakaw, Skarbowsky have all experienced good times and others much less. Having a long-term objective makes it possible to put both victories and defeats into perspective

In case of victories, it allows you to stay focused on your long-term objective knowing that nothing is certain and in case of defeats it allows you to put things into perspective knowing that nothing is certain and that by working hard you will straighten the bar.

The important thing is to look beyond the simple result but to know if we are going in the right direction and to learn from it. It is in any case during your first big defeat or first series of defeats that you will know if you are made for the muay and that your real motivation will really be expressed for the first time

#6 Without passion the fighter is nothing

All these tips will not work if you don't have a passion for the muay thai and its way of life. It is one of the hardest and most violent sports that can exist, becoming a champion is clearly not within the reach of the first newcomer.

The lack of financial recognition combined with a great difficulty makes it basically a huge sorting in those who choose this path. At a certain level, we only find the passionate people of this art, those who have dedicated their lives to the practice of muay thai; do not think you can surpass them if you do not have the same desire

You have to like to suffer on a daily basis during training, confront yourself face to face with another person in a ring, know how to manage euphoric moments and others, much more numerous, filled with doubts and questioning.

It is the management of these aspects over the long term that makes you a champion much more than any belt you have ever won... and will determine the success of your career


As we have covered, muay thai is not an easy sport to grow an make a career from. But, this is definitely worth it and passionating! 

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