8 Proven Boxing Training Benefits

8 Proven Boxing Training Benefits

There are plenty of good reasons why more people want to integrate boxing into their usual fitness routine. After all, besides being a highly competitive sport, boxing works quite well in improving one’s overall health and well-being. Let’s take a closer look at the top 8 proven benefits of boxing training routine.

#1 Helps in getting rid of unwanted fat

Majority of people who turn to boxing want to lose weight. This is because boxing training involves high-intensity workouts that can burn a significant amount of calories. According to Livestrong, boxing workout for beginners such as the punching bag exercise can help you burn at least 371 calories if you’re a woman and 462 calories if you’re a man. 

If you make use of combination workouts such as jumping rope exercise, sparring and weight training, you can burn around 1000 calories per hour. The more time you spend training, the more calories you burn.  

#2 Tones and conditions your whole body 

Many folks think that boxing only focuses on developing the upper body. In truth, the routine does more than that. In fact, it’s designed to help you tone and condition every part of your body. It combines stance, footwork and upper body movements to activate countless of muscles. Aside from releasing stored energy, boxing exercises also improves body coordination.

#3 Boosts your cardiovascular health

Heart diseases and health conditions such as hypertension, coronary artery disease and cardiomegaly cause the highest number of deaths across the globe. Fortunately, boxing exercises can lower your risk of developing such fatal health problems. 

Using ordinary boxing practice equipment such as jumping ropes and punching bag, you can easily condition your cardiovascular muscles. Here are some examples of boxing exercises used to improve the condition of your heart and blood vessels:

  • Heel tap
  • Jumping rope
  • Sprinter hops
  • Jump squat
  • Shadow boxing

#4 Allows you to enjoy your workout

Thousands of people who engage in physical fitness routines mostly struggle in keeping their momentum. Some folks plateau and decide to stop working out altogether. With boxing, you don’t have to worry about losing your motivation and desire to keep on moving forward.

Compared to other high-intensity interval training routines, boxing is quite fun. It will continue to challenge you to become a professional boxing athlete or a physically fit individual. Also, it’s quite effective in honing mental toughness. 

Boxing Science defines mental toughness as the psychological advantage which enables a person to cope with the competition, lifestyle and training demands of the sport. It also allows individuals to become more consistent, focused, determined and confident even under pressure. 

#5 Lowers stress and anxiety levels

Exercise routines and other vigorous physical activities can minimize stress levels. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America explains that exercise is the most effective tool used to manage and eliminate stress and fatigue. Intense physical activities such as boxing release hormones called endorphins that help the body cope with pain. Endorphins are also seen effective in improving the mood of a person, especially those who are under immense stress.

#6 Builds your confidence and self-esteem

Like other individual sports, boxing allows you to nurture a solid relationship between your body and yourself. It gives you the perfect opportunity to understand your flaws and strengths. For example, after a few sessions with your trainer discover that you need to work on your hand and body coordination. It also helps you find more ways to increase your competitive edge.

More importantly, boxing teaches you to believe in existing your capabilities but continuously seek growth and improvement.

#7 Teaches you self defense skills

Besides the physical and mental health benefits that you can enjoy from boxing, you also get to learn how to protect yourself in case you get stuck in a perilous situation.

Commando Boxing explains that boxing can be used to defend yourself in multiple situations, including:

  • One on one combat
  • Multiple attacks from mobsters
  • Pre-empting an attack

Basic boxing movements such as the jab, uppercut and hook punch can help you dominate an aggressor. By learning the proper stance and tactics, you can take out someone even with a single punch. Improving your footwork will also help you evade potential threats. 

As much as possible, if you will use boxing to fight someone, you should attack with an open palm to avoid suffering from a serious hand injury. This is especially important unless you know that your punches will land in the right place. 

#8 Increases your speed and improves reflexes

Boxing requires having good reflexes and speed. If you’re struggling with these two physical aspects, regular training can help you. With the use of a punching bag and your sparring sessions, you can improve your body reflexes and increase your ease in moving your head and feet. 

Anyone can try boxing

As established above, boxing indeed provides a lot of benefits. It would be crazy for you to miss out on all the crazy perks that come with this sport. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you have. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how strong or weak you think you are. You can do boxing as long as you have the passion and commitment to go through the intensive training routine.  

Boxing is never just about physical strength. Instead, it’s the perfect balance of many things including mental awareness, agility, strategy, and discipline.  

Start enjoying the benefits of boxing

To a lot of people, boxing is not just a sport for strong contenders. Over the years, the working principles and the workout used in boxing have become a part of various fitness routines. More and more people make use of boxing to develop cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, agility, and even self-confidence.

If you’re not into boxing yet, this is the perfect time to start exploring it. There are plenty of boxing gyms located all around the world. Alternatively, you can set up a workout gym at home by installing the right boxing practice equipment. What are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits of boxing today! 

When you start training boxing, you can benefit from great training tools such as a reflex ball to improve faster and learn the basics of boxing! As well as wearing amazing boxing hoodies to look great while practicing your passion for boxing!

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