4 Benefits of Boxing Resistance Training Fight Suit

4 Benefits of Boxing Resistance Training Fight Suit

A Boxing resistance suit can play a key role in training to enhance your speed and explosive power.

Though once used primarily by physical therapists and elite athletes, resistance bands and suits have become ubiquitous in fitness environments. The concept of resistance training is tried and tested. When you combine all-limb resistance in a full body suit, you can really level up your training.

Not only can a resistance band body suit improve the explosive pressure of the arms, legs, and waist, improving your motion velocity and agility but also it can enhance the velocity and power of punching and kicking.

While the resistance boxing suit has a lot of benefits in everyday training for beginners as well as pro-athletes, we decided to list out the top 4 benefits of boxing resistance suit for beginners.

#1 Gain Faster Punches And Kicks With Resistance Suit



The FGHTR boxing resistance suit (Resibox™) adds a total of 100lbs resistance (25lbs for each band) to your punches and kicks which will help increase their speed and power by making your muscles work against an opposing force.

The total body resistance suit training will also help you get ripped faster due to the 100lbs added to your workout.

#2 Increase Your Strength, Stamina & Power



With resistance training suit you can enhance the leg strength of any action or participate in any movement to build strength and explosive power as you take your physical skill to the next level.

Using the resistance bands while training can dramatically improve the strength in the legs, hip, and core regions.FGHTR Resistance suit targets the fast-twitch muscle fibers in the hamstring, quads, glutes, and core muscles to make you a faster and powerful fighter. 

With consistent training resistance suit can really help increase & improve your speed without a doubt!

#3 Help Keep Your Guard Up And Improve Guard Strength



The Resistance suit (Resibox™) will add a slight downward force that will strengthen your guard. As soon as you take the suit off, you will feel that it is easier to maintain your guard during long training sessions and fights.

The arms and shoulders are under constant pressure from the recoil of the suit. Your core is consistently engaged by the twisting motion when throwing the punches. So resistance training is great for toning and helping to create lean muscle mass in these areas & helping your guard up & strong.

#4 Full Body Endurance Workout



Resistance suits are a very good option compared to traditional gym equipment which can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

From Cardio to Boxing to Swimming or general workout, we can’t possibly list all the sports workouts that a resistance suit can help you with but here are some uses of a resistance suit

  • Boxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Kickboxing
  • Cаrdio Kickboxing
  • MMA
  • Swimming
  • Rock Climbing
  • Weightlifting 
  • Collegiate and Professional Sports

#5 Quick Resistance Suit & Gym Equipment Comparison

Here’s a quick & short comparison between traditional gym equipment & resistance band suit with a belt. Keep in mind both help you achieve the same results–

Boxing Resistance Suit

  • Light Weight & Compact
  • Pretty Cheap compared to traditional gym equipment
  • All in one workout
  • Used in Multiple Sports

Traditional Gym Equipment

  • Bulky & Heavy
  • Costs a fortune
  • Different equipment for different workouts


When it comes to training with resistance suit, progression & regression is pretty simple: Beginners should start with a lighter band that offers less resistance and level up as their strength increases. Advanced athletes should challenge themselves with a ticker, heavier bands. 

One great feature of the FGHTR resistance suit is that it is portable. You do not have to stay in one specific area. You can take your resistance suit to train on the field, gym, MMA studios, or your own home. It caters to your specific martial arts style at any time and anywhere. You will be far beyond any athlete in your sport when you train with the resistance suit consistently.

FGHTR resistance suit creates total body resistance training for every sport and fitness routine to give you the most out of your workout. Are you ready to improve your speed faster than everyone else?

Checkout FGHTR Resistance Training Suit Now!!

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